Presenter Information

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Education Sessions
- Screens and projectors will be provided in each room.
- HDMI connection cables will be provided to connect laptops to projectors.
Your computer should have a HDMI output or you will need to bring an adapter.
- Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptop, chargers, clickers, and any computer adapter cords to connect their computer to the projector.

Poster Sessions
- Boards will be provided for poster presentations. The dimensions are 4 feet by 8 feet.
- Presenters are responsible for printing and providing their poster.
- Although push pins will be provided, you may want to bring some as “back up” if your poster presentation is later in the conference

Roundtable Sessions
- Roundtables will be held at actual round tables with 10 total chairs.
- You will not have the ability to use a screen and projector for roundtable sessions.

- You are encouraged, though not required, to upload handouts/materials associated with your session in Hubb.
- Presenters are responsible for any hard copy handouts they wish to provide to participants. There are print services available at the conference hotel (for a fee), yet we recommend you bring any hard copies with you to save time and money.

Presentation Etiquette
- Please begin and end your session on time. Education and Roundtable sessions are 50 minutes long, and there is only 10 minutes in between sessions for the next presenters to prepare for their sessions.
- Connectedly, please take any overflow conversations after your presentation to another location.
- Take all of your materials (e.g., handouts) and personal effects (e.g., notes, trash) with you when you leave. Be sure to check for peripherals you might have brought with you (e.g., clicker, charger).
- If you changed the room configuration for your presentation, please put it back to the original set up for the next presentation.

Now through the conference, you can upload your presentation handouts and materials for conference participants to access! To upload your handouts/materials, please use the directions:

Presentation Accommodations
If you would like to request any ADA accommodations for your
presentation, please send an email to Kelley Mautz, Accommodations Chairperson, In your email, please state your presentation title, the day and time of your presentation, and the accommodation(s) you are requesting. Please note, this is for presentation accommodations only. Accommodations for the rest of the conference can be indicated on your conference registration form.

Additional Important Information
- As you agreed to when you submitted your proposal, no changes to your presentation day/time can be made.
- No requests will be honored to have your sessions on a particular day/time
- Individuals can be listed on two peer-reviewed presentations during the regular conference session only (ACES INFORM is not included in the two session limit). If a person is listed on more than two presentations, the presentation is subject to cancellation.
- The lead presenter must be an ACES member. Please check your ACA account ( to determine whether you are an ACES member. If you are not an ACES member, you will receive an email prompting you to join no later than July 1, otherwise your proposal will be cancelled.
- The lead presenter must be registered for the conference by July 1, otherwise your proposal will be cancelled.

Thank you for your time and participation in ACES. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Jennifer M. Cook, ACES 2017 Proposal Coordinator