We are glad you found the 2017 ACES Career Link part of the website. We want to take a minute to tell you about what we have planned this year. The Career Link is a committee of volunteers within Counselor Education that want to help you in your job search at the ACES Conference.

You can submit both vitas and job posts to the Career Link email at

Job seekers posting a vita:
Please make sure this document is in PDF format and no more than 3-pages long. Denote in the email if you have a specialization (ie: CMHC, Couple and Family, School, or General) as we may have specific folders. When sending your vita, please name your document

To keep this process as confidential as possible, the digital database containing all of the vitas will be kept under password. The only people who will have access to the electronic vita database are those employers who have submitted an open position. All universities who have open positions will have access to all submitted vitas. If you are needing a higher level of confidentiality, we strongly recommend you contact the employer directly and do not use the Career Link.

You can view the job postings at any time on the website which will be updated frequently. Due to various restraints, the website is the only format in which vitas will be shared by the Career Link. There will not be a place to share your vita through the Career Link at the ACES Conference so we suggest you bring hard copies to distribute on your own.

Employers posting a position:
Please make sure this document is in PDF format. When submitting your job post, please name your document

Once you have submitted an open position, we will send you the password information on how to access the digital database to access the vitas.

Both of these digital databases will be found here at

THE LAST DAY TO SUBMIT A JOB POST OR A VITA TO THE CAREER LINK IS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2017. Anything submitted after that date will not be added to the website. In addition, we will only take one revision to your initial submission (vita and job post). Please submit those with the document name as: LastNameFirstInitial2.PDF or UniversityName2.PDF.